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    What PC game would you recommend to me?

    What PC game would you recommend to me?

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    Re: What PC game would you recommend to me?

    I'm telling you the games that I played on my laptop which was a Sony viao with i5 and 2 gb and graphic and 4 gb ram here they are

    tomb raider

    cod modern warfare series

    bioshock infinite

    prototype series

    ea series like nfs the run

    max Payne series

    assasins creed series (ac)

    (ac 1, ac 2, ac brotherhood , ac revelations , ac 3 , ac black flag and then unity)

    far cry series

    gta series up to 4 because 5 is very heavy for simple laptops

    batman series (arkham asylum and arkhum city)

    and many more if you want to know more you can ask me I can Assure you these run really smooth on laptop

    But in any case, no matter what game you choose, it is best for you to initially consult a site that has all the necessary minimum system requirements for the game. This will help you understand if it suits you.

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    Re: What PC game would you recommend to me?


    Some good PC games I’ve played are,

    Call of Duty Series…(Modern warfare, Black ops )
    Battlefield (Bad company)
    Assassins Creed (all)
    Devil may cry
    Watch dog
    Sleeping Dogs
    Mass effects
    Ghost recon(all)

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