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    Travelling abroad with pets

    Does anyone have such experience here? How hard and expensive is this, especially for dogs?
    I want to visit my relatives in Italy during this winter so would be greatful for your tips.

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    Re: Travelling abroad with pets

    I've never travelled abroad with my dogs. But I heard that you need to prepare many documents for this and all that work can be expensive in general and take much time. Ask your vet for more information, you'll need anyway to make pet passport and all other stuff with his help.

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    Re: Travelling abroad with pets

    I traveled with my cat in Canada several years ago. Yes, it's not easy but if you make everything right, there won't be any problems for you and your pet.
    Your key things will be the pet passport and all necessary vaccinations. It's the same for dogs as I know, your vet will help you with other details.
    Check requirements for travelling with pets in Italy too.

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    Re: Travelling abroad with pets

    I agree with other replies, sometimes traveling with any pets can be really difficult. In my case I prefer to ask my friends/family to take care for my cats when I'm abroad during my vacation. So if your trip isn't a very long one, I recommend making the same.
    On the other hand if you have a strong wish to travel with your dog, consult with your vet firstly, he'll explain to you what necessary documents you need for this. As I know pet passports are obligatory in this case as also veterinary health certificates
    And of course check the requirements about traveling with animals in Italy. For example in case of quarantine and banned dog breeds, study this information carefully before starting to prepare for your trip.
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