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    Police Cameras in Private Homes

    "Houston's police chief on Wednesday proposed placing surveillance cameras in apartment complexes, downtown streets, shopping malls and even private homes to fight crime during a shortage of police officers.

    "'I know a lot of people are concerned about Big Brother, but my response to that is, if you are not doing anything wrong, why should you worry about it?' Chief Harold Hurtt told reporters Wednesday at a regular briefing."

    Wow, does that quote sound familiar?
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    Re: Police Cameras in Private Homes

    Glad I don't ride the buses in Indy, all city buses are getting cameras as they just announced on the news. Big brother will be everywhere before long....but hey, it's for OUR protection....right ?
    Oh, yeah, these cameras also have microphones......Big brother is watching AND listening!
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    Re: Police Cameras in Private Homes

    That's messed up! Cameras in our homes, are they serious? That will never happen in my home, I can guarantee that!
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    Re: Police Cameras in Private Homes

    Our buses all have cameras on them.
    1) for traffic monitoring, catching drivers in the bus lane
    2) for insurance, in case they have an accident
    3) for driver protection, to catch images of the kids with knives (or gun in one case)
    4) for passenger protection, after a few armed robberies (knives)
    I counted 5 on one bus.
    + Front window, watching traffic
    + By Driver watching door
    + By door, watching Driver
    + Just behind driver, watching passengers
    + Half way down the bus, watching passengers

    "in houses" not yet...
    But in apartment blocks, covering the stairwells where drug dealers operate? Yep, we've got them over here.

    Street cameras?
    Yes, more and more as they are a deterrent as well as evidence gathering.
    Street violence is on the increase, as the private camera system sin shops and malls drives criminals to easier soft targets.

    For once we're ahead of the US ?
    Amazing !

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    Re: Police Cameras in Private Homes

    I am not against having video cameras in malls, parking lots, or public areas. A lot of good has come from having video surveilance of parking lots as we have captured abductors' images and even seen video evidence of a mom beating her child strapped into a car seat.

    But in private homes, no way!

    If I were running America, that $#@! million dollars a day we spend on Iraq would be getting used to increase the police force here in America and pay our teachers what they're worth, among other things.
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    Re: Police Cameras in Private Homes

    [QUOTE=walterick]I am not against having video cameras in malls, parking lots, or public areas.

    Actually cities in Britain have so many cameras in public areas and out on the streets, that they could track almost any resident throughout the day without their knowledge and without physically following them.

    I don't trust that kind of power in the hands of any organization or person. Combined with the excuse of terrorism to bring in laws to let governments eavesdrop on your e-mail and computer use and you could say that big brother is already here and privacy is already an illusion.


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