A Poem

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  • 04-20-2010, 10:12 PM
    A Poem
    I wrote this about nine years ago about a new relationship that was on the edge of ending badly. I called it, I Killed A Dream.

    Please forgive the lack of punctuation, I was a lazy typist back then.

    i killed a dream
    a shapless need from inside of me
    i covered its mouth and snuffed it out
    after using it to guide my path
    and after wishing for it to pass
    i picked it out
    and murderd it
    it's dim light went out without a shout
    it's breath no longer tormenting my mind's inner ear
    where it spoke to me in dreams of it's unending possiblities
    when i could stand it no longer
    when the smiles of what could be turned to the frowns of what could have been
    i ripped it from my heart
    and flung it from my soul
    i stamped it into the earth
    and made it bleed the way my happieness did
    when it taunted me at night
    and i hardly miss it
    this dream of mine
    for a thousand more replace it
    everytime i close my eyes