Mortgage calculator

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  • 10-23-2020, 08:04 AM
    Mortgage calculator
    I'm trying to figure out how much a home equality loan of $120k would cost me each month. I'm looking for a good mortgage calculator. Can anyone help?
  • 10-23-2020, 08:10 AM
    Re: Mortgage calculator
    If you want someone here to help you, we need your interest rate. In case you just need a proper calculator, I used a Google mortgage calculator, but it was about two years ago. Maybe there is something better.
  • 10-24-2020, 09:57 AM
    Re: Mortgage calculator
    I do understand you. When it comes to getting a loan, everyone wants to find out a monthly payment in advance. That's why I added a loan payment calculator to my site Hopefully, you will find it helpful.