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Thread: I'm a good wife

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    I'm a good wife

    hubby will be going to Budapest next month, with a stop in London.

    Today I picked up a Hungarian cookbook, and we are going to have a Hungarian dinner party befoer he goes. We will, however, be avoiding the pigs knuckles and assorted liver recipes.

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    Re: I'm a good wife

    Such a gooood wife!!! hehe...don't blame you on the 2 whole family loves those things....don't know what happened to me...I can't stand them...hehe
    Tell him to have fun and take lots of pictures to display here when he gets back, or maybe on a new Travel Forum, if it gets approved...hehehe

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    Re: I'm a good wife

    I'm a good boyfriend.

    I learned how to cook my grandmother's mashed potatoes just so we can have something other than take-out Chinese and Mexican every night
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    Re: I'm a good wife

    Make sure he tries proper Hungarian sausage, our favourite is the genuine Szeged Pick Salami .... and get some pictures of the Budapest market. Particularly the spices and sausages on sale there.

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