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Thread: Gambling

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    Do you like it? How lucky are you?

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    Re: Gambling

    I like such games, well gambling is one of my hobbies. However I've never taken all them serious because I understand for what all that stuff is made. In my case it's just an interesting way to get some fun and to win money sometimes, however I can't say that I'm such a lucky winner for really big amount of money. It's a very random game so in my opinion taking it serious seems funny and crazy at the same time...
    Online casinos, lottery and sport bettings are my favourites. I play often some of them with my friends, for example we spend evenings in sometimes in live casino. And I'm a great sport fan, especially of some football teams from Brazil so I adore to make bets on them.
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    Re: Gambling

    Now there are a lot of different casinos. I prefer this site Here you can view casino ratings. Real people post reviews. Choose the best and start playing.

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    Wink Re: Gambling

    Yes, I like it, especially when you know the background and using it in practice when playing online.
    For example, when I was a newbie, I even don't know which is better online betting or live betting?
    I found this one site and did everything steps by step.

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    Re: Gambling

    That's what I really like. The design of the site is just great and a lot of interesting games and slots: roulette , baccarat, slots are so interesting that it seems to be a reality, well, they also give a win well, the most important thing is not to rush . And so here is cool: All Rights Reserved.

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