Foreign languages

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  • 06-07-2019, 06:31 AM
    Foreign languages
    Do you know any foreign languages?
  • 06-07-2019, 08:27 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
    Knowledge of foreign languages is very important in the modern world. That's why I decided to start studying it. It turned out to be interesting for me! But I work, so I do not have much time to go to class. That is why I study a language with a person who Teach French online . It is really cool, and I want to start learning another language additionally!
  • 06-11-2019, 05:10 AM
    Re: Foreign languages

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  • 05-21-2020, 10:45 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
    hello everyone,
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  • 06-06-2020, 01:10 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
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  • 08-03-2020, 01:56 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
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  • 09-23-2020, 05:06 AM
    Re: Foreign languages

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  • 11-02-2020, 06:47 PM
    Re: Foreign languages
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  • 11-04-2020, 09:36 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
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  • 12-18-2020, 10:50 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
    Yes, I know Spanish and I'm also learning German right now. I know it's a strange choice but I like it. You can easily find <a href="">language learning resources online</a> these days.
  • 02-23-2021, 12:35 AM
    Re: Foreign languages
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