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    Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    Loved the's, firey death ring fight and headshrinker, and the carrier pigions from Fed-X.

    Didn't love....pepsi this year was pretty lame...SalesGenie animated were the worst, imo.
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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    We were pretty disappointed with the commercials this year. The girls liked the baby commercials where he talkes about "how to spend all this coin, so I got a clown." I liked the hot air balloon one where Stuey and the dog fight over the Coke and then Charlie Brown got it. My advice to all manufactures was if you're going to spend over $2 million dollars on a commercial, make it good.
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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    Quote Originally Posted by walterick
    I liked the hot air balloon one where Stewie and the Underdog fight over the Coke

    Anyways, uhh none of them were that great. I liked the one with the Carrier Pigeons, though.

    The worst, again, were the Sales Genie ones. Also the ones with the baby that talked about trading stocks or something of the like. I didn't like that one at all.

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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    I hate talking babies.....irritate me no end.
    The number 1 rated was the clydesdale working out to get on the team ala Rocky but it didn't impress me.
    The bud one I did like was the guy who lit the candles by blowing on them....missed how he happened to be able to breather fire....but then he was alergic to the cat and set the place on fire while sneezing.
    I'm sure there's other ones but I already don't remember.
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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    Will have to think about best and worst. But overall this wasn't a bumper year.
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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    Here is a link to all the adds.

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    Re: Best and Worst Superbowl commercial?

    Thanks for the link, Mike. I was hoping someone would do that, considering I didn't watch the game.

    I liked both of the Bud Light commercials and the Bridgestone wasn't half bad either. The rest pretty much sucked, especially the SalesGenie.
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