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    Anza-Borrego ghost lights

    I looked up the desert after seeing the tracks photo by GB and also found this which is kind of interesting.

    Re: my do you believe in ghosts post, I don't but I do believe in things unexplained and strange lights is one of them as I have seen them several times, especially in native sweat lodges.
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    Re: Anza-Borrego ghost lights

    In most cases I have seen that have been intensely investigated, "ghost lights" are a form of mirage. Being in the desert helps a lot because the extreme temperature differences easily lends itself to refraction. The source for these mirages can be a long way off, many times, beyond the curve of the earth.

    There is always the human urge to assign something supernatural to strange natural phenomena. Chasing after ghost lights reminds me of people who try to get to the end of a rainbow: it looks so real and attainable!

    Interesting video though.
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    Re: Anza-Borrego ghost lights

    It's a new one on me ... I've been out to Borrego dozens and dozens of times and camped out there at least 20 nights,.. never seen any ghosts

    Note that as dark as it is, there are small towns in the area and Palm Springs' lights are visible to the north (I know .. if there are any clouds, their light reflects off the clouds and can wash out your night pix ). There can also be light from vehicle headlights at night if you are camping close to the interstate.

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