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    Another (different) Police Stop.

    A police officer pulls over an elderly woman in her eighties.

    While looking for her driver's license, the officer happens to spot a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

    Slightly bemused, he asks the octogenarian, "Maam, are there any weapons in the vehicle?"

    She replies, "Oh, yes officer. There'a a loaded Colt .45 1911A1 in my glove box, a loaded Glock in the center console, a loaded .357 under the seat, and a loaded .38 special in my purse."

    Surprised and alarmed, the officer asks, "Maam,what is it you're afraid of?"

    The old lady smiles sweetly at him and says, "Not a d&#n thing!"
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    Re: Another (different) Police Stop.

    Very good!

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