Vinadry is not the first brand of drying rig in Vietnam? - It's correct !. But Vinadry is the first company to build a single brand of drywall, its brand, not borrowing or copying any other name.
After all, Vinadry is still the most worthwhile brand of exposures today-lap-gian-phoi-thong-minh-vinadry-thanh-tri-09.jpg
After all, unremitting time and effort, Vinadry has affirmed its No. 1 market name to become the most worthwhile brand of exposures today. Following is not a defect. Yes, yes, Vinadry proved it. Vinadry made a first impression with the Vinadry AE711 automatic electric press frame. This product helps consumers to lift and lower the drying bar easily through a push of a button. However, the limitation of this drying frame is to lift and lower both bars at the same time so that with apartments with limited sun drying space is not suitable.
After all, Vinadry is still the most worthwhile brand of exposures today-gian-phoi-thong-minh-vinadry.jpg
Due to this fact, Vinadry has invested in technology, surveyed the market and started producing a series of ceiling-mounted scaffoldings, wall-mounted with extremely beautiful and extremely different designs. In addition, all Vinadry products belong to a convenient seamless crank design to increase durability, increase the ability to dry clothes and bring a new experience to consumers.
For products of Vinadry wall mounted scaffold made 100% from durable aluminum alloy, it belongs to the most kind of "co-stone" drying rig in the market today.

Thanks to serious, methodical investment and a new direction. Vinadry has now become the No. 1 market brand.