Last week Football fans may be excited about the "restart" of the English Premier League after a 3-month break from the outbreak of Covid-19. But Liverpool football fans There may be regrets "Timo Werner" Germany national team striker Choose to move in with competitors such as Chelsea, who are fast guns and brave to spend 47.5 million pounds (1,900 million baht) to pay the contract to Air Belize Sick with a 24-year-old shooting star with a long contract. 5 years, wage 175,000 pounds per week (7 million baht)
Confirmed, "Chelsea" close the deal. "Timo Werner" 5-year contract.
"Berbatov" spoke of Chelsea after "Werner" added a sharp
"Lampard" suggests "Tammy" Don't stop developing pace
The things that make the Kop regret with this deal Because Werner's work is too hot to stop anyone Would like to have in possession This season, going down 43 matches in all competitions, shooting 32 goals, assisting a friend to score 13 more goals, and if he combined his work for the last 4 years with Leipzig Werner 157 matches scored 93 goals and 40 assists
In addition, the former Stuttgart creator can play in many offensive positions. Both the center of the target, the striker on the left line Or can still fall to a low position As Werner's style is considered a modern striker. Not attached to the position in the play system Can tear himself out to receive the ball wide side Or move in to coordinate with teammates Including inserting into the rhythm to win goals As well as creating opportunities for self-shots, have already seen It also has a good shot on both feet.
And the "Reds" fans, the most regretful, are Werner, including the agent, who has the opportunity to have a personal conversation with Jurgen Klopp, the head coach of Anfield, via video call no less than 1 time, combined with Liverpool, there is news that has been interested in the shooting star Iron Eagle all along. But ultimately The move to join forces with 3 collaborators like Mosalah, Sadio Mane, Roberto Mino is just a dream, as Liverpool never made a serious proposal to Leipzig. Werner himself secretly gave the "Reds" a bit because of the same people as Clapp as the head coach, but when the club was only "sincere" but never "serious", the Kop therefore Can only dream

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