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    How to shoot videos with Nikon D7000 ?????

    I have also a problem while filming using nikon d7000, i used autofocus mode
    but the focus is not good when i change my position or make " pan left or right "
    although i have read about the autofocus in the manual

    please give me the exact settings for autofocus mode ( full auto)

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    Re: How to shoot videos with Nikon D7000 ?????

    See page 211 of the owners manual.
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    Re: How to shoot videos with Nikon D7000 ?????

    I assume you're talking about the continuous auto focus? My recommendation would be to not use it unless your subjsect is moving pretty slowly or you're panning slowly. Pre-focusing and planning your focus so that it works with your subject's movement is going to produce better results with the D7000 and any other digital SLR. The continuous auto focus on the Nikon digital SLRs just isn't quick enough, in my experience.

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