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    Black Racer & Story

    The other day I was busily editing some pics when the doorbell rang out suddenly. Now I hate to deal with sales people, and when no one else is at home I tend not to answer the bell, but that time I did. We have an intercom hooked to the door that can be accessed throughout teh house, so i hit the call button and said, Hello?

    All I heard was, SNAKE!!! SNAKE!!!

    Well, you know me, I ran for the door to find two young boys pointing and yelling. Seems they had stumbled on a black racer in the neighbor's yard, and for some reason they had decided to ring my doorbell. So, I went out, found the poor creature, and after some smooth Steve Erwin-esque wrangling, I had the snake caught. What follows is a pictorial version of what happened after that...

    He bit me maybe 5-6 times. Scared the boys half to death. They were sure I was going to die from, "snake poisoning".

    After I got him inside I pulled out my trusty snake bag and stuck him in...

    Later on I drove a short distance, to a nature preserve just outside of our subdivison. I let him go there. I was only able to get pics of him in my hand, as he was a fast lil' guy once I put him down.

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    Re: Black Racer & Story

    Cute little guy, but wow, what a temper, eh? Thanks for the photos and story.
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    Re: Black Racer & Story

    Interesting story and nice-looking snake. Glad you were able to rescue him.

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    Re: Black Racer & Story

    Good story Almo , gives me the shivers i would have been shouting also lol Nasty little guy
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    Re: Black Racer & Story

    Those things bite repeatedly down in the warm florida sun

    Great story and good for you for relocating it.


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    Re: Black Racer & Story


    irascible little snakes, aren't they?
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