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User Name Posts Reverse Sort Order Avatar Characterize YourselfGenderWhen did you start taking pictures?Main Camera FormatFirst CameraOccupationMain SubjectsFromNon-photographic InterestsMain Camera SystemSecondary SystemBiography
Pickletard Junior Member 1   Beginner  Compact Digital  OtherAtsugi,Japan    
hopkinswax310 Junior Member 1   Beginner  Compact Digital   Maryland    
randlej Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, PeopleAustin, TX    
BoBo Junior Member 1   Casual  35mm SLR  OtherNew York    
sparky30-06 Junior Member 1   Casual  Compact Digital  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Actionnorth central illinois    
NEONINK Junior Member 1   Casual  35mm SLR  Outdoor/NatureHickory, NC    
prins101 Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Compact Digital   North Carolina    
lysa Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Point-and-Shoot  People, Fine Art, Commercial/ProductUnited States    
timcupery Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Point-and-Shoot   Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA    
Banon Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Naturemo    
Guyy Junior Member 1   Beginner*No Selection* Point-and-Shoot   NYC    
expectal Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   Slovakia    
papassoff Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Point-and-Shoot   VT    
carlyoung Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   Brookly, ny    
Cindy Junior Member 1   Beginner  Compact Digital  SnapshotFlorissant,Missour,US    
Shutterpugs Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR   Texas    
leedsfan Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   leeds    
derek Junior Member 1   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, Fine ArtSunnyvale, CAMountain biking, telemark skiingCanon Digital Rebel XTOlympus P&S 28-105 
lighthouse Frozen Moon 1   IntermediateMale1983Digital SLRpolaroidon-line binocular companyOutdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Fine ArtDuluth, MN, USA!Macro photography, Any photography that is different than usual, my girls, Bon Jovi, The Simpsons.Canon EOS 20D Tamaron 300 mm Tamaron Macro Canon 20-50 mm Cable ReleaseSoon to be digital Rebel XT. CANON A-130 years old. Hopefully someday will be a concert photographer for rock n roll bands. Currently doing macro/wildlife/landscape photography. HATE posed shots - natural is the only way to make me happy. I shoot 98% vertically and hate horizontal shots.
Raffi Junior Member 1   Intermediate*No Selection* 35mm SLR  People, Fine Art, Commercial/Product, SnapshotLA, CA    
jcriscuoli Junior Member 1   BeginnerMale1978Digital SLRPentax K1000VP MarketingSports/Action, Fine ArtLaurel, MD, USAPaintingPentax *istDSPentax K1000 Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   Bahamt    
nothappy0 Junior Member 1   Casual  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, SnapshotBurnaby, BC, Canada    
c_gutta Junior Member 1   Casual  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Snapshot, OtherColumbus, OH, USA    
phichef Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Fine Art, Commercial/Product, OtherTennessee    
Steven Caney Junior Member 1   Professional  Digital SLR  Commercial/ProductBoston    
keidee Junior Member 1   Casual  Compact Digital  OtherEngland    
Har Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Compact Digital  Outdoor/Naturethe Netherlands    
Dominic71 Junior Member 1   Expert  35mm SLR   Chespeake VA    
Edsimon Junior Member 1   Casual  Compact Digital  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Fine Art, Commercial/Product, SnapshotWarri, Nigeria.    
ivanlozano Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/Action, People, Fine Art, Commercial/Product, SnapshotHouston    
bmwraycr Junior Member 1   Intermediate  35mm SLR  Outdoor/Nature, Sports/ActionLeamington, Ontario, Canada    
Jewel71 Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR  PeopleTexas    
stay at home photo bug Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, People, Snapshot, OtherOntario, Canada    
Breezy Junior Member 1   Casual  35mm SLR  Outdoor/Nature, People, SnapshotTX for now    
samgibbs Junior Member 1   Intermediate*No Selection* Digital SLR  Outdoor/Nature, People, SnapshotCanada    
MrCasey Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Point-and-Shoot   United States    
CouchCanoodle Junior Member 1   CasualMale Digital SLRNikon FG Outdoor/Nature, Sports/ActionCalifornia    
Tasco Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot   Sydney    
Ottobremb2! Junior Member 1   Casual  Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Naturemilan,italy    
Image Maker Junior Member 1   BeginnerMale1985Digital SLRKodak Disk Camera I think?School TeacherOutdoor/Nature, PeopleGeorgiaI love music, playing writing and listening.Canon 20D Canon 70-200 f2.8  
sri.gouri Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot  Outdoor/Nature, PeopleHouston, TX, USA    
Skollie14 Junior Member 1 Skollie14's Avatar ExpertMale1970Digital SLRNikon F1Biomedical engineerOutdoor/NatureNew York, New YorkWoodworkCanon 1D mk III EF 24-70 f2.8L EF 70-200 f2.8L IS EF 100-400 L IS EF100 F2.8 MacroSpeedlite 580 EX mk 1 and Mk 2 Canon 30D EF-S 10-22 EF-S 17-85 IS  
DrHarryGr Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Digital SLR  Sports/ActionRhodes, Greece    
droreyal Junior Member 1   Professional*No Selection* 35mm SLR  PeopleSouth Africa   I'm a South African Wedding Photographer in Johannesburg, mainly working in the documentary style.
jeka Junior Member 1   Intermediate  Compact Digital   Europe    
JohnK Junior Member 1   Beginner  Other  OtherCheshire    
Alaska5555 Junior Member 1   Intermediate  35mm SLR  SnapshotAlaska    
hershey781st Junior Member 1   Beginner  Point-and-Shoot  PeopleSacramento, CA    
Erick Junior Member 1   Beginner  Digital SLR   Long Island, NY    
Results 10901 to 10950 of 114458