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    Point and shoot recommendations?

    Don't want to spend a lot, but would like a point and shoot camera to carry in my backpack for those times I say, "I wish I had a camera." (My phone is old and has a terrible camera.)


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    Re: Point and shoot recommendations?

    Upgrade your phone, I'm pleased with the iPhone4's camera, it is better than some cheap PS cameras I've seen and you only carrying one item. Some of the Android phones also have nicer camera's than the iPhone's, but none of them will match a name band PS camera.

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    Re: Point and shoot recommendations?

    The question is a bit vague. There are literally hundreds of cameras to choose from any you can spend anything from less than $50 to over $1000, depending on your skill level, budget and wishes.

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    Re: Point and shoot recommendations?

    (My phone is old and has a terrible camera.)
    Then just about any P&S will be better.

    I found my iPhone4 worked far better with an app called 645 Pro, as it saves the images in lower jpg compression and even has a .TIF option - that's almost raw !

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