• 10-21-2004, 05:39 PM
    1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!
    hi everyone, i'm new on this forum, and almost new also in CF cards and digital cameras ussage, so, this is the story:
    Recently bought a nikon coolpix 8700 digital camera. Also bought a 1 Gb 40x CF memory card, by Lexar...
    Using the CF card with a multi card reader, successfully transfering files between pc, a mac and the camera, tryed the "safely remove hardware option" (on the pc), it prompted me a message saying "cannot remove hardware now, try to dissconect it later"... as i have safelly dissconected several other usb 2.0 hardware before w/o paying attention to that message, i did the same and unplugged the multi card reader device.

    After that, and still, I am not able to read the CF card, not in the pc, not in the mac, not in the camera (camera message says: CF card cannot be read)!!!...

    Have downloaded several applicattions in order to "recover" the files, recover the drive, etc, but with no success, not even those applications can read the CF card (only a:, c:, and d: drives appear). Before the problem, CF card used to showed up in e: drive

    I can use the reader with a multimedia card, w/o a problem

    So, I don't care about the files in the card, i only want to be able to use that card again, does someone know how can I format that card if I'm not able to see it?? does someone know a way this cf card can be up and running again?? PLEASE HELP ME GUYS!!!
  • 10-21-2004, 05:53 PM
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    Re: 1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!
    Can you shoot onto it and then download the new images? If not, you'll have to send the card back to Lexar. Their pro series cards (the brown ones) have a lifetime warranty - this one may have one too. Their tech support is excellent, BTW - they have "chat room" style support 24/7.

    First, try to format in the camera, though.
  • 10-21-2004, 09:25 PM
    Re: 1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!
    Even if the camera says it can't read the card, what happens if you go to "format" in the camera anyway?

    I think those CF cards are very sensitive to being ejected properly. I lost about 10 images off a card once because my hard drive crashed before I could eject it properly.
  • 10-22-2004, 01:00 PM
    Re: 1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!
    Well if you can't view it on a PC or the CAM there are really no other options left unless you want to try a different camera and a different computer. Otherwise send it in for repair.

    I am really catious about my Microdrive. For the most part I leave it in the camera and transfer pics using the cable. TIme doenst amtter too much since I am usually at home when I transfer the files.

  • 10-22-2004, 01:46 PM
    Re: 1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!
    If reformatting it in the camera or computer doesn't work, then you may need Lexar's own software.

    With my 1GB Lexar CF card I got a USB jumpshot cable I didn't need, and their ImageRescue software on the card.
    Fool that I am, I formatted the card in the camera before reading the instructions :(
    I sent in an email to Lexar Tech Support entitled "User Stupidity" describing my error.
    Some very nice person at Lexar emailed me the download links to the latest software this morning !
  • 10-22-2004, 02:17 PM
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    Re: 1 Gb CF card unreadable, HELP ME!!!

    Originally Posted by SmartWombat
    Fool that I am, I formatted the card in the camera before reading the instructions :(

    You're not the only one who did that! :rolleyes: I think the new 80x cards have version 2.0 but I haven't bought any yet to find out. Never actually needed it but a good thing to have anyway.