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    Why can't I edit?

    Hope this is not something I should have already known, but... I have used my Canon S3 IS to take short (< 3 min) video clips, and I just bought my daughter one of those "Internet Video" cameras (if you can call it that), and both produce .avi files. These files play fine in Windows Media Player, at least if you have the DIVX codec, but I cannot edit them with either Movie Maker or Pinnacle Studio. In both programs, the files have to be imported, which either truncates or corrupts the video. Converting .avi to .wmv appears to allow importing them, but it no longer pays correctly. The video appaears to be slowed down a large amount, and the sound does not sync with it. Is there something subtle I've missed? Or do I just give up on this idea? By the way, either program seems to do fine with video downloaded from an actual digital video camera. Thanks for any help...
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    Re: Why can't I edit?

    It all has to do with codecs, compression amounts, audio standards and compression. even the best conversion programs tend to have issues with some audio settings and some video settings. If you have the energy you can download a few of them and see which one will give you consistent results for the formats you need. Video from a video camera has a proper timecode with which to reference the audio and video. this means that any conversion that is required should remain in synch and as long as you have the correct codecs installed should be able to be played back, converted and or edited quite happily. Also don't be afraid to play with the settings for some of these programs. often times you have the right conversion program with the wrong settings.

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