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Thread: what to buy?

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    what to buy?

    Hi boys & girls, I'm new to the forum, and somewhat new to the world of digital video.

    I want to buy a new digital camcorder for training purposes (up until now I've been using a sony mini dvd camera).

    I need to be able to film somebody for 5-10 minutes, be able to copy the recording to my laptop, and then show the recording through a beamer connected to my laptop....all this needs to be able to happen very quickly. I also need to be able to copy recordings onto a USB-memory-stick so that the participant can view themselves over & over again.

    I have no idea what camcorder to buy....and am confused by the all of the options available. I don't really need to edit the recordings, just need to be able to copy different recordings for different people onto separate memory sticks.

    My current laptop doesn't have firewire, but of course has plenty of USB slots

    I'd be very grateful for any thoughts and advice about the best and easiest to use solutions.

    Kind regards, Chienfoux

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    Re: what to buy?

    Welcome to the forums. I suggest the best place for you to start is with the mini dv vs dvd thread and then browse through some of the cameras that other members have used and reviewed good luck, there are plenty of great cameras to choose from!

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