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    Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

    This video shows a tiny juvenile Central American harvestmen (Acromares vittatum) very rapidly devouring a chironomid midge (like a mosquito that doesn’t bite).

    I shot this video last weekend on my kitchen table using 3 tabletop LCD lamps. Unfortunately I didn't get the colour balance quite right so the video is a bit warm. I'd also like to use a lower ISO to get a higher resolution, but that would mean substantially brighter light, which I don't know it the critters would tolerate. I need to experiment a bit more.


    The technical stuff:
    Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5
    Lens: Zuiko 60mm micro four thirds macro
    Settings: aperture priority exposure (F11 @ 1/30 sec)
    Lighting: 3 Ikea LCD lamps
    ISO: automatic

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    Re: Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

    great video - you can use a white piece of paper to set a manual white balance on your camera - then you don't have to worry about the colour temperature of your lights.

    iso for digital cameras will not effect resolution in the way it did for film. This is until you start to hit iso settings where the camera starts to see things that aren't there (commonly called gain grain) obviously this will depend on both the available light and the camera but 3200 iso and up is getting to the danger zone for digital cameras these days. I would have thought that with those lights you would have been fine at 1600 iso or lower?
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    Re: Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

    great video of wildlife

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    Re: Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

    If you used a lower ISO I Don't think the critters would know..I mean it's not like your using a flash.

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    Re: Video: tropical harvestman eating a midge

    great video

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