Yes yes, I know, digital cameras aren't meant for low-light situations... but still, this is insane, even if there are several lights all over the room the camera takes incredibly grainy video full of colorful static unless I set it at the lowest ISO and/or brightness setting, which makes it look light a night shot in the middle of the day!

On top of that, the photos aren't great either, photos do come out far clearer than video, probably thanks to the photo-only flash, but they are still rather blurry even with every image stabilization feature turned on. Not that I was expecting great photos from a low end video camera mind you, I suppose its quality is better than expected for a secondary feature of a video camera. But taking video is the main reason I got this, and its near useless for it.

Am I just using this thing incorrectly, or did I waste my money buying it? Is there anything I can do other than shoot video outdoors in the morning to get decent video out of this thing? Any guides or tutorials on proper usage I can read? Or an optional flash I can mount on it?

Does anybody else here have this video camera? What are your experiences with it? Would you you say its a decent camera or terrible camera? Any advice about using it?