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    NEW..need advise...Canon EOS Rebel T1i - video

    I stumbled on this forum looking for answers... I just recieved my first srl camera yesterday and I love it. I'm still learning, and don't think that I will ever use the camera to it's potential, but already am taking photos that are awesome.. Clarity & crispness of the pic are truely unbelievable.

    My question is regarding more of a computer issue. I made some small video's using the camera and downloaded to my PC. I opened it in quicktime and it did not run smoothly, it kept hesitating. Any advise on how to transfer the video's and maybe convert them to Itunes for viewing?

    Thanks so much for reading......Any help/advise is appreciated.

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    Re: NEW..need advise...Canon EOS Rebel T1i - video

    I don't know about converting your videos to a format for iTunes. But I do have a little experience. Even though your video clips are short, the files are still very large. Most computers will choke on them a bit and the result is the stuttery behaviour when you're playing them back. The same thing happens to me with Quicktime and Adobe Premier Elements.

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    Re: NEW..need advise...Canon EOS Rebel T1i - video

    John was spot on with the jerky playback. It can also be down to a faulty video codec, but I don't think that is the case here. Itunes will playback anything that quicktime can play back (so just drag the file into itunes) It sounds like you are using a mac. try importing the video into imovie and saving it to your computer from there. This should smooth back the playback as you can save it into a format that will play back more easily and it will also hopefully mean Itunes can play it back better. If you are using a PC you can do the same thing in windows movie maker but the wmv file format that windows movie maker saves as isn't as compatible with itunes although it will probably still work ok. but if you want to use itunes to put it on your ipod or iphone then you should be saving it in the h.264 format. I know movie maker can't do that and I am not sure if imovie can or not.
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