• 06-21-2010, 10:06 AM
    mini dv output/upload quality
    I have a few one hour mini dv tapes that were given to me and recorded with an expensive/professional video camera (but not in HD).

    I need to upload them to my computer for editing.

    My question is, if I put these mini dv tapes into a cheaper $200 video camera will that have any effect on the quality of the video when I transfer it to my computer through firewire?

    I'm going to be receiving several of these tapes (they are recorded in a different state and mailed to me) over the next few months and was going to buy a cheap video camera so that I can upload them to my computer.

    Is this a bad idea?
  • 06-22-2010, 10:11 PM
    Re: mini dv output/upload quality
    I wouldn't think so. As far as i know, you'r cheap camera is just acting as a cheep VCR. If you remember what a VCR is. None of the cheep image processing junk is going to touch the data. It just plays it back into your computer. I say test it out.

    I would clean the heads first. You could get blips in the audio that kick it out of sync. Which is lame.