• 04-05-2012, 04:48 PM
    Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
    Hello Photography Review,

    I am 100% brand new to photography and videography but I am looking to purchase a new camera for my upcoming youtube channel. I am looking for a camera that can do all of the following with a decent price tag and look very professional while doing it.

    * Be able to film for long periods of time because I will be interviewing people and asking their for their opinions on certain subjects.
    *Look very professional while doing it. I feel as if I buy a Handheld no one will take my work serious because it will look as if I am trying to record something with an Iphone.

    *Looking for a camera that has an audio port for wireless/wired microphones.

    *Looking for a 1080p camera with more than 10mp

    I was told that the t3i rebel was a good choice but the down fall to that camera is that it is not meant for video recording so the camera at times will overheat and shut off. I am going to also be purchasing a tripod so a link to a decent tripod would be nice as well.

    I appreciate all the information you guys can provide and I look forward to hearing back from the community,

  • 04-06-2012, 05:39 PM
    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
    Welcome to the forums!

    Good quality video can be achieved with almost any camera as long as what you are filming is well lit correctly and good sound it recorded. This is even true of an ipad, iphone camera.

    There are cameras on the market that will do all the things on your list, but unfortunately they don't come cheap.

    Most DSLR's that shoot video will give you great quality at a good price and if you get the right adapters, you can plug almost any microphone into them. The downside is that most of them will only record in 15 minute bursts. If you are making a film this is ok, but if you are shooting a documentary and need to record extended interviews then it isn't.

    Looking professional - There are cameras on the market that look like "pro" cameras. they are either pro cameras or "prosumer" cameras, but mostly they won't take high quality (10mp) stills as they are designed for video. Also they are by their nature big and expensive.

    1080p - you can get cameras that shoot 1080p from anywhere these days. 1080p isn't a must have, as I would pick a broadcast camera that isn't 1080p over a cheap consumer 1080p camera every time. There are a couple of reasons for this but basically a camera that records a great picture in low res gives you much more to work with than a camera that records a terrible hi res picture. This is because you can increase the resolution of your video to 1080 in most good edit suites and if your destination is you tube then an sd camera with great footage will upscale very nicely.
    You can fix low res video pretty easily but it is very hard to fix poor exposure and or colour.

    Miller and Manfrotto are probably the two standouts in tripods. Get the best one you can afford with a good fluid head (so you can pan your camera smoothly)

    Good video isn't so much the camera, but the lighting and the sound. If you have a couple of lights and or reflectors you are off to a good start. If you add in a boom mic kit and or lapel/levallier mics you are doing better. A solid tripod with a smooth head and you are 90% there. At this point you are really looking at a lighting person, a sound guy and a camera operator, plus probably a director / producer. If you add in an interviewer, you already have a 5 person crew. At this point as long as you are organised and methodical in your approach to filming you will look professional. If everybody understands what they are doing you will also produce professional results. At this point you could use anything for a camera, because it really doesn't matter so much.

    Perhaps if you could describe what you are trying to shoot I could be more specific in my help.

    There are too many cameras that will help you for me to begin to recommend one, but the following are good places to start:

    Sony | Cameras - Broadcast & Production | HDV

    If you are looking at DSLR's, it is very hard to go past sony, as the autofocus where the canon and nikon are manual only for video.

    If you have an unlimited budget then Either a Red or a Canon Cine camera
  • 05-02-2012, 01:56 AM
    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?

    Have you looked at the Magic lantern software which will run on the Canon EOS Range?

    It turns a Canon in to a broadcast quality video camera and the results are outstanding!

    Have a look for magic Lantern on Google. It is 100% free and easy to install and un-install and doesn't re-write the firmware in the Camera.
  • 05-05-2012, 06:57 PM
    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
    It sounds like what you want is Panasonic GH2. I was in your same position a few weeks ago and did the research to find out what's perfect for me.
    The GH2 hits all your spots and more!
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    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
    If you want a good quality video, then you shouldn't save money
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    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
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    Re: Looking to make professional quality videos for a decent price? Help?
    I recently start my youtube channel just buy new camera for videos it is canon XK40 from some deal at Halloween coupons i liked very much photography but not in professional way just for fun.