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    Live Video Mixing help

    I am less than a year in the business and one job I would like to take is wondering if I have certain capabilities. I will be filming a show choir event with 2 or 3 cameras. Then I sell DVD's of the event to participants and their parents. The guy hiring me is wondering if I could have the videos done right away for sale after their performance because he has been at other contests and seen it done.

    So mainly I have questions with mixing video and the equipment I may need. I currently have 2 Canon XL-A1's and use Adobe premiere(on PC) to edit. I also have Adobe On Location but know nothing about it. I also have a duplicator so making extra copies shouldn't be difficult.

    If you could provide any help in the best and most cost effective way to attempt live editing and production of the DVD's I would be forever in your debt. I need to know if I need a mixer or if it was possible to edit directly from your computer. Then, how do you get the DVD menu and video instantly onto a DVD.

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    Re: Live Video Mixing help

    you need a vision mixer, as premier can't handle live stream editing. You will need something to capture the live feed to, either a tape deck, on location or a dvd recorder. In an Ideal world your vision mixer would have a firewire output and you can use on location to capture the live feed. You can then burn this to dvd as you would normally with your edits in place. There will obviously be a short delay unless your duplicator can handle a live input.

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