• 09-01-2005, 10:48 AM
    Hitachi UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder
    Hi! I wonder if anyone here can help me with my problem.

    On my recent trip to the USA, I bought a Hitachi UltraVision DZMV730A DVD Camcorder. The salesman told me that any DVD player or newish pc's DVD drive would play the recorded mini DVD disc in the UK and that I would be able to copy it on a DVD disc. I used a Maxell DVD-Ram mini disc (as recommended by Hitachi) to record our time in America. When I got back home and tried to play the disc, nothing happened. Neither my DVD player nor the DVD drive of my pc seems to recognise this disc.

    The drive on my pc is: _NEC DVD_RW ND_2500A, Device Type: DVD+RW/DVD-RW.

    Am I doing something wrong? Do I need a drive that is multi/dual format and that also supports 8cm and 12 cm discs? Or does the camcorder itself need to be modified/converted for use in the UK? Or is this camcorder just for playback on TV only?

    I have e-mailed Hitachi regarding this matter but,so far, I have not received any response.

    All advice to solve this problem will be appreciated very much. Thanks.