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    firewire problems

    hi Im a newbie, I know theres another thread running along similar lines but I would like to keep it simple:
    bought a jvc gr-d824EK digital video camera and a Belkin firewire cable separately. The camera works perfectly on my works computer but not my home computer.
    didnt need to do anything but plug & play on the works computer (no installs nothing), home computer seems to recognise IEEE 1394 in the hardware and also seems to recognise the camera as "Microsoft DV camera and VCR". I have uninstalled these through add/remove hardware and then added through the same utility, Ive also disconnected the camera to prove that the "Microsft DV Camera and VCR" is the camera its trying to locate. Ive rebooted several times, and connected everything in the right order. I am using Windows 2000.
    Any ideas please before I lose more hair ?


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    Re: firewire problems

    Quote Originally Posted by 3putt
    I am using Windows 2000.
    I think we might have ourselves a winner....

    Check this page out:
    Please ask before editing my photos, I'll say yes

    I like to take the pictures...

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    Re: firewire problems

    win2k should support firewire. are you using the same cable (you could have a faulty cable) if the cable is fine then check the system for the ieee1394 device and ensure the drivers for it are loaded correctly. if none of this works then i suggest buying another firewire card for your computer, you can get a cheap one for less than $20

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