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    Wink difference between the three canon pro camcorders?


    could somebody explain to me what are the differences between the three canon professional HD camcorders? I noticed that there is an enormous difference in price, but I could not decipher the physical differences between cameras myself.

    question 2: what is the difference(s) between a pro HD camcorder and a typical HD camcorder you can buy at walmart? please tell it to me in great detail.

    thanks a lot:thumbsup:

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    Re: difference between the three canon pro camcorders?

    the main difference in canon's models is that one of them is built in the style of a system camera. so you can change the eyepiece, microphone connections, lenses etc and the other two aren't. i did have a good look at the specs on the other two but they don't seem to be substantially different??? so without having the opportunity to use either i can't tell you much about them.

    The main difference between a pro HD camera and a camcorder is control. First off a pro camera will have 3ccd's this gives you access to a lot more control in terms of colour grading and synching and matching colour from multiple cameras. the other main difference are in the way the focus, zoom and exposure (shutterspeed and iris) are controlled. these should all be easily adjustable whilst recording on the fly. a pro camera should also offer pro level audio control including vu metering so you can precisely set mic levels.

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