• 07-25-2007, 06:50 AM
    change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro

    When I captured the mini-DV footage I saw that the video resolution was 28:1 and I thought it was fine. The problem is I need to redigitize and have a 1:1 resolution and I see that this 28:1 won't budge. In the Capture tool, there are only 2 other options: 35:1 and 14:1 there are grey and even if you click on them nothing happens. The 28:1 is ticked and black. There is not even 1:1 option. The OMF button is pink and the MXF is grey and nothing happens if you click on that.

    (In capture tool I have vidoe and audio at OHCI and the drive is G-raid2 and it's on Generic DVDevice-PAL)

    I fI go to the Project window and then Media Creation and then capture same thing as in the capture tool: 2 other options: 35:1 and 14:1 greyed up, the OMF is on and MXF greyed up.

    Finally I go to Mac HD and then Applications and then Avid Xpress Pro, then Settings: there when I click Avid defaultPrefsXP.avs a message comes saying: Xpress Pro is unable to open this.

    Same thing happens when I click on Site settings.

    I am going out of my wits PLEASE HELP!

    Thank you.

  • 07-26-2007, 09:10 PM
    Re: change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro
    I take it you are on a Mac. What version of Avid are you running and do you have a Mojo running, or just straight into the Mac with your camera?
  • 07-26-2007, 09:27 PM
    Re: change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro
    I just punched up version 5.7.2 on my MacBook Pro and looked at the capture tool. Are you capturing normal resolution MiniDV from the VX2000 that you mentioned in the other post? You should have the resolution set to DV25 411. That is the proper setting for MiniDV, standard resolution. Make sure it is set for that in the format section of your project window, under the settings tab. All the other resolution settings are for specific formats, 1080 i and p are Sony HD and I think Canon. The DV50 setting is for the proprietary Panasonic digital format known as DVC Pro. Your settings should be set for your on board OHCI firewire connector. Check youur project settings for the deck preferences and make sure that you actually have the proper feed deck selected.

    You can go to Avid.com and joinn the forums under support and training, they are very helpful.

    Good luck.
  • 07-27-2007, 03:30 AM
    Re: change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro
    Hi Michael!

    Thank you for coming back to me.
    I'm on a Mac and Avid Xpress Pro v.4.3.1 (Can't upgrade because one project is ongoing...)

    DV 25 411. What's the difference with DV 25 420 please ?

    Also someone on Creative Cow (Avid editing forum) someon said that: "Also, try checking your digitize settings (I think - I'm not in front of a machine right now) and make sure you have 'capture at compression logged with clip (or something like that) is NOT selected. I think the option is in one of tabs...."
    Do you agree?

    On the Avid forum site 31 people have viewed my post but still 0 reply! So I am glad you came back and helped...

    I feel so much better now.... Thanks!

    Have a great day!

  • 07-27-2007, 03:34 AM
    Re: change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro
    Also I forgot to answer your question: yes it was straight from camera (Sony VX 2000 mini-DV) to computer and I don't have a Mojo. I'm not too sure what a Mojo is and would it be of any use to me?
  • 07-27-2007, 06:40 AM
    Re: change of video resolution problem on Avid XpressPro
    I've had Avid on my lab PC's since 3.5 and just got the Mac's. I can't answer the DV25 420 question since I don't appear to have it on the the 5.7.2 I'll look around and let you know if I find anything. The Mojo is an add on accelerator and break out box to help with rendering times, transcoding and live video stream playback. On the more expensive Avids, there is a lot of outboard processing that takes place to handle the better quality and fancier toys and effects. The Mojo unit brings some of those features to the PC and Mac based Xpress Pro and Media Composer.