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    Best Camera for me?

    Hey, Im looking for a camera to buy and I thought you guys could help. I was looking around the internet but didnt understand to much and felt like most of it was hype to get me to buy. Any who let me explain my situation. My camera has pretty bad quality and audio doesnt come through great. So I started to look for a camera that can produce DVD quality with audio that you can easily understand. Sadly I still have a couple of hole to jump through still lol. I want something that can play on Windows media player so I can use it for with movie maker. Also, I would like something that works well in the dark. I dont want something like a 12 in one video mp3 or something over priced I just want to be able to make high quality movies. Im looking to spend under 300 dollars. I love making movies and I love writing but my main problem is when I get it nothing comes out great through my camera so Im looking to step that up.
    Thank you very much for your time

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    Re: Best Camera for me?

    look for a cheap mini dv camera from a known brand and you really can't go wrong. some will have better low light capabilities than others but the bottom line is if it is too dark it is too dark. most have good audio but if you want great audio look for one that has an external mic input and get a good mic to sit on top of it. If you want a little better colour control a 3ccd camera will be better (although with windows movie maker you don't really have the control to correct colour) As long as your computer has a firewire port (you can buy them for less than $20 if you don't) then you will be able to make ok quality movies. For high quality better editing software would be a minimum requirement. many of the cheap firewire cards do come with better software than movie maker though so it is worthwhile seeing what your local computer store can sell you (often the bundled versions are cheaper than buying the app by itself)

    Happy movie making!

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