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    $7,500 Prize Video Contest

    We are looking for enthusiastic filmmakers to participate in a video contest sponsored by No Nonsense. The premise is for you to make a video portraying what you do that's 'no nonsense'. For example you may volunteer at a local homeless shelter or be the head of an environmental club. We want YOU to show us what makes you unique.

    1st place will win $7,500 with 4 other $500 prizes to 2nd place winners.

    First 15,000 entries will receive a FREE pair of No nonsense socks!!

    Videos must be submitted by 12/31/10

    To submit your video, you must be a Facebook fan of No nonsense.​nononsense

    Please visit the following like for more information​contest.aspx.
    On the bottom of the 'click here to enter page' you will find 'terms and conditions' with all the technical details for the submission.

    Feel free to upload your video to this page. However, formal entries must be done through No Nonsense's website!

    Happy Shooting!

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    Re: $7,500 Prize Video Contest

    Thanks for sharing this with us. I moved it to our Digital Video forum where it's more likely to be seen by video makers.

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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    Re: $7,500 Prize Video Contest

    thank you John, we wish everyone the best of luck!

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