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    Zoom in 18-55 MM Lens?

    Hi Guys!

    I am absolutely new in this field and am planning to buy a Canon XSi 450D. With this camera, I am getting a 18-55MM Lens in the kit. I just wanted to know what actually does this 18-55 MM means and more importantly, weather or not this lens has any zoom and if yes, how much.

    Thank you.

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    18-55mm refers to the focal length of the lens, which is continuously variable between 18mm and 55mm. The focal length is a technical attribute which determines what view you get with the lens, with a given size of sensor (or piece of film).

    On the 450D:

    - 18mm is a wideangle view, slightly wider than what you get on most point-and-shoots
    - 55mm is a moderate telephoto useful for doing a portrait say of someone from the waist up at 6 feet but not for sports or wildlife

    You can set any value between these limits (zoom)

    Here are two images that give you a rough idea. The first is done at 18mm and the second at 50mm on a Nikon D300. As the Nikon sensor is slightly larger than the Canon one it's not the exact view that you would get, but it's close. Camera position is unchanged the only variant is the zoom
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Zoom in 18-55 MM Lens?-dsc_1992.jpg   Zoom in 18-55 MM Lens?-dsc_1998.jpg  

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    Re: Zoom in 18-55 MM Lens?

    These are shot with a 450D with the kit lens. As stated previously, the 18-55 is basically the "range" of the lens. The numbers are the adjustable focal length of the lens...smaller means a wider shot, or less zoom as you'd think of on your point and shoot, bigger number means "more zoom", a tighter shot.

    When picking lenses for your camera, I would suggest staying with Canon only brand. A bit more expensive, but the quality and warranty is there. Others will argue different, but for the absolute point and shoot user I suggest just sticking with all one brand. I would also only go with "IS" Canon image stabilized lenses. You will see on the lens it is labeled image stabilization, and in the part number something like 18-55 IS or 55-250 IS for example. The image stabilization really helps for keeping camera shake down and helping the average user get great shots.

    18mm setting...

    55mm setting...

    and obviously it can do anything in between. All of these shots were done in fully automatic mode, shot in the highest quality JPG, with zero editing done other than online hosting/resizing to give you an idea what the camera and kit lens are capable of out of the box. You can really, really push your abilities with the creative functions of this camera, I'm sure you'll get into that when you get the camera.

    If you're just going to do point and shoot, I suggest you either skip the kit lens and get the Canon 18-200mm IS lens or to keep costs down if you don't mind switching lenses get the kit lens and the Canon 55-250 IS lens. This extra "zoom" will give you everything you'll ever need for your average walk around point and shooting.

    The same shots with the 55-250 IS lens...

    55mm setting...

    250mm setting

    PM me and I'll send you the link to where I bought my kit. I got the 450D kit package that retails for $799.99 plus the 55-250 IS lens for $860.30 shipped. Brand new with warranty cards, the wall charger, 2GB memory card, computer cables, the software and DVDs, neck strap, extra lens covers, etc. Great shipper, sent out same day well packed.

    That should be all you need for your average user who just wants to point and shoot. But if you end up watching the DVDs and combing through the manual, you'll realize what the camera is capable of and want more. Those two lenses should give you a great starting point to build a camera system.
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