• 05-15-2006, 08:14 AM
    Well, "took the plunge"...thanks!!
    I had to at least let you guys know that I made a purchase. I've only actually written on here for a few days, but the information I found that had been written by everyone on my post and past threads helped me greatly and although you may not realize it, you guys help lots of people that might not ever even make a post. I searched for a couple of weeks here, other sites, read your posts, and made a decision.

    What I went with was a Canon Rebel XT with the kit lens, and a 75-300mm zoom lens. I also bought a high speed 2GB card, couple of cases, tri-pod and mono-pod, extra battery, and a little cleaning kit. I have digital game cameras, an old digital 1mp Kodak work camera, but this is my first real serious digital camera purchase. What I have used in the past was a 13 year old Pentax WR 90 35mm point and shoot...but needed to upgrade!:)

    I purchased the Canon because:
    *Can use a remote (use this a lot!)
    *Uses multiple lenses, especially zoom
    *Fits my smaller hands extremely well
    *Love the lighter weight
    *I am not a seasoned veteran, but several serious photographers I know use Canon, Nikon, even Pentax so those were the brands I was concentrating on.
    *Easy to find and buy for a purchase in my remote area while on a weekend trip last weekend
    *Price seemed fair with kit lense (18-55mm) and rebate for $799 including 18month no-interest financing (which was important because I greatly exceeded my budget with the extra lense and gadgets!!)
    *Seemed like it would be fairly easy to use

    I spent a couple hours of our return trip home yesterday reading the Canon owners manual and I feel the manual is written very well and I've learned a lot just from reading that. My choice came down to a Nikon D50 or the Canon and who knows, might be a while before I know if I made the right decision but where I was buying the Canon was $100 more than the Nikon D50, and I'm sure some of you guys would have a very strong opinion either way...but I am now a proud Canon owner!

    I already took some pictures with the camera this morning and they are better than most any I ever took with my old Pentax. My two young kids were around and they made a couple of great subjects, as well as various birds, our flooded river, some ducks, the river system/lowland, a nearby ridge, and I took some photos both inside and out using both lenses. The lighting in the pictures were outstanding, the pictures were very sharp, clear, and even my 4 and 5 year old kids loved the pictures when we viewed them on the TV. I even took some action shots of the kids running through the yards and my daughter liked the way her hair was captured flowing out in the wind as she ran.

    So far, so good, and to the few that responded to my recent post on the General forum...thanks a lot! And to the many who have made recent posts on Pentax, Canon, and Nikon DSLRs and don't know if your posts and reviews are read or appreciated...I'm here to tell you there are, THANKS!

    I will use the camera for taking pictures of scenery/landscape on the ground and from the air for use in magazine articles, website, and power point presentations for habit and wildlife management. Also, I will now begin to take pictures of deer, grouse, snowshoe rabbits and other wildlife on our property that I have continually watched in the past from close range without a camera to use in various illustrations and personal enjoyment. I also document the growth of various wildlife plantings throughout the seasons as well as planting and land management techniques. And of course, family, friends, trips, pets, and everthing else that seems pretty easy to get great photos with this new camera.

    Now into a great new world of a DSLR and greatly expanding the number and quality of my photo opportunities......:) :)

    Thanks again!
  • 05-15-2006, 09:29 AM
    Re: Well, "took the plunge"...thanks!!
    Congratulations on your new camera! You will love it. I have the XT and have never been disappointed. Good choice!

    Reading your list of reasons for purchasing the Rebel XT I was impressed about how organized you are. You certainly did your homework and it sounds like you've already "took the plunge" into the learning curve.

    It was especially thoughtful of you to thank all those who posted to help you - and remind everyone that even though people don't always post an update, that they learn a lot on PR. I agree. I've learned just about everything I know about photography here!

    You have quite a few photography plans, lots of photo ops in the near future. I hope you will post some of your pictures here.