• 09-10-2006, 08:58 AM
    Wedding photographers using Fuji Finepix S3
    I am currently looking at buying the S3. I have been shooting with medium format and ready to switch to digital. For the money, it seems that the S3 has alot to offer. I have read many reviews and most say that if you are shooting action shots, this is not the camera to buy. Also I am concerned about what I hear about slow write times in RAW. If anyone else out there is using a S3 shooting weddings, can you tell me if this effects you shooting a wedding?
  • 09-11-2006, 09:15 PM
    another view
    Re: Wedding photographers using Fuji Finepix S3
    I have an S2 and have shot a few weddings - although mainly with film. A friend uses S3's and I don't think they're any faster than the S2. Beautiful image files, but there are a few reasons I haven't upgraded to an S3. The viewfinder is still very small, the AF isn't a strength and it doesn't use Nikon's iTTL flash system. The S3 uses DX which Nikon no longer uses. There's a reason Nikon doesn't use DX flashes anymore...

    I think they're down to about $1200 these days. The Nikon D200 has a lot more to offer (IMO) than the S3 although it's going to add about $500 to the cost. If you don't have a Nikon AF lens investment, I'd look at Canon too.

    Write speed isn't horrible but definitely wouldn't be considered fast regardless of the speed of the card used. It's fast enough for me even shooting RAW. I've never over-run the buffer but it would be reasonably possible to do, unlike some of the other alternatives.
  • 09-13-2006, 06:46 PM
    Re: Wedding photographers using Fuji Finepix S3
    Thanks for the Advice. Do you know if there is any TTL flash out on the market that could be used on a S2/S3 ?
  • 09-16-2006, 05:34 PM
    Re: Wedding photographers using Fuji Finepix S3
    Don't quote me but I think that nikon flashes supporting D-TTL (SB-28DX,50DX, 80DX, and SB800) work with full D-TTL features on the S3 pro.

    Also I'd hold out a bit. Very credible rumors backed up by one of the biggest names in the business say that Fuji is likely to announce an S5 Pro (skipping the 4) the day before Photokina. It may be a bit before that hits the streets, but rumor has it it will be based on the D200 body.