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    Toxic water doesn't reach customers' faucets - Cambridge Water

    Toxic water doesn't reach customers' faucets - Cambridge Water-_123186633_85b35e7f-4914-4702-ae6f-bef24e50ecef.jpg

    Cambridge Water supplies water from aquifers with high levels of PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl) to homes in Cambridgeshire.
    The company said the water was mixed with water from another source and the contaminants had not yet reached the customer.

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    under investigation

    More than 1,000 customers in Great Shelford and Stapleford have been affected by contaminated water, as first reported in The Guardian.It said water had four times the legal limit of perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

    PFOS is part of a broader family of PFAS substances.Fluorine-containing compounds are often referred to as fluorine-containing compounds. "Forever chemical" because it does not decompose quickly. and detected in drinking water, dust and in the human bloodstream.

    These chemicals are found in many products such as food packaging, cosmetics and furniture. and has been linked to health problems such as liver damage, kidney cancer and congenital disabilities.

    'Minimum risk'

    Elinor Cordiner, Cambridge Water's head of drinking water quality and compliance, said in a statement released to the BBC: "The presence of PFAS compounds in water supplies is an emerging national challenge. And we take it seriously.

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    Re: Toxic water doesn't reach customers' faucets - Cambridge Water

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    Re: Toxic water doesn't reach customers' faucets - Cambridge Water

    Good to know that Cambridge Water is keeping toxic water out of people's homes. It's super important to have safe drinking water. If you're still worried about water quality or just want to be extra sure, chatting with crystal rock customer service might help. They've got water delivery options that could give you peace of mind about what you're drinking.

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