Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???

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  • 01-19-2009, 08:18 AM
    Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    Hi. I know there has been many topics on this, but i figured since the introduction of the Nikon D90, perhaps some opinions may change.

    Im looking to buy a DSLR. I was originally going to spend around $600. I was looking at d60 or canon xsi. then i happened to look at the d80, and was really impressed. its more than i was going to spend. ($800 w 2 lenes) but it seems like a much better camera than the others.

    i cant make the jump to the d90, but i also dont want to "over pay for outdated technology" with the d80.

    any insight would be great!

  • 01-19-2009, 09:01 AM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    The d80 or the d90?
    You won't find the d90 w/2 lenses for 800 at an honest dealer.
    If you are talking d80, its a fine camera(what I use) but I don't know why you think its better than the xsi.
    Tell us what feature it has that you want that the xsi doesn't and also be sure to look at the dealer feedback forum before buying.
  • 01-19-2009, 12:25 PM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    Hi, and thanks.
    i actually dont know that the d80 is better than the canon.

    i was hoping to find out. I like the way the d80 (and d60 for that matter) feel. the Xsi feels like a toy, very cheap.

    whats your opinion on these?

  • 01-19-2009, 03:00 PM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    I haven't held an xsi so don't know from personal experience but whether the feel of the camera is important or not is somewhat of a debate. Many don't like the feel of canon xti or xsi and others find the nikon too bulky/heavy.
    I like the feel of my D80.
    If the xsi feels awkward in your hands, I doubt you'll ever get used to it.
  • 01-19-2009, 10:36 PM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    *edit - whoops, got my cameras mixed around in my head, I would say between those 2 the D80, but isn't the D80 about $300-$400 more than the XSi?
  • 01-20-2009, 04:09 AM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    At B&H the nikon body is 539. The xsi is 574. The d80 price has dropped significantly since the intro of the d90.
    I only looked at B&H but figure if the xsi is more expensive there then it is elsewhere.
    The xsi in a new model. The d80 has been around 3 years now.
  • 01-26-2009, 12:26 PM
    Re: Nikon D80 vs Canon Xsi???
    You're not overpaying for outdated technology with a D80. The D80 has come down in price because it's older - but it's still a fine camera that is competitive with other ~$600 (for the body) DSLRs. It may not have quite as sensitive a sensor as some newer DSLRs, but it has more features than most of these.

    If the most important thing for you is low light sensitivity, than some newer DSLR cameras might be slightly better, including the Canon XSi. But if serious control features and shooting performance matters more than extreme low light use, the Nikon is slightly better.

    If you want both serious control features AND the best low light sensitivity - you probably need to spend around $300 more for a Nikon D90 or a Canon 40D.

    For me, I just switched from Olympus to Nikon, and I bought a D80, and I'm quite happy with it. I felt that the price difference in going up to a D90 wasn't justified by the added capabilities. I should add that I have ALWAYS felt that the best value in Digital SLRs is gotten by buying the models that came out 2 years ago, right when their successors have hit the market. The D80 happens to be in that spot right now.

    If you think of a D80 as a nearly $900 camera, which it was a year ago, then it's overpriced. But if you think of it as an under $550 camera, which it is now, it's an excellent value at that sort of price point.