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Thread: Nikon D50 Help

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    Nikon D50 Help

    Hello! I'm trying to take a ton of pictures with the camera facing the same exact position with no settings changed so I can have about 50 of me in 1 picture once I'm done manipulating all the pictures into 1. For this I thought that the Auto mode would be the best. I was thinkin about takin the pics around 2AM so the shadows wouldnt change.. How do I make it so my camera takes pictures like every 10-20 secs if possible and is it possible to take pictures in auto without the flash?

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    Re: Nikon D50 Help

    I'd say Maunal mode would be the best because then the settings would be exactly the same for each and every shot.

    I don't think the D-50 has the option to take a picture every 10-20 seconds, your best bet would be to get a remote for it.

    You can turn the flash off in auto mode, just hold the flash button on the front left hand side of the body and twist the wheel thingy on the right side, you'll see the flash settings change on the bottom left corner of the display.

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    Re: Nikon D50 Help

    The flash will activate automatically in auto mode if it feels there is not enough ambient light to satisfy its automatic program.

    Sounds to me like you want an intervalometer. The D50 does not offer this function unless you do it manually. cameras with the 10-pin remote control socket (D100 with MB-D100 grip, D1/D2/D200 cameras) can take the MC-20 and MC-36 remotes which offer this function, and the D200 and D2 series cameras have built in interval shooting options.
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