Help Finding First DSLR

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  • 08-25-2008, 09:38 PM
    Help Finding First DSLR
    If you take a quick glance to your left and look at my profile, you’ll see that I’m very new to this forum. Similarly, by my subject heading it’s true, I’ve never owned a DSLR. That said, I hope I’m hitting the redundancy button too hard by seeking advice finding the right camera to fit my needs. I began this endeavor by weeding my “brand” choice to Cannon or Nikon – Sorry, no changing that. Soon after, I sort of ditched Nikon and began tooling around – in the store – with the Cannon 40D and XSi models. The more I held them, the more I felt the 40D was the right one. Not that feel was everything; I also enjoyed the 6.5 fps quoted on the features list, plus a slightly better kit lens. Long story short, I basically all but bought the camera when I stumbled on a Ken Rockwell article that, although slightly Nikon biased, sort of made me think twice ( That said, I’m back on the debate block, and would really like to make a decision soon. The following is a pretty comprehensive list needs and of what I plan to do in the immediate and near future with the camera as well as budget.

    •First and fore most, I want a camera to take pictures of my children playing sports. I’ve done the point and shoot thing for years, and have never been satisfied with the results. I want to step it up a notch or two, get great quality action shots (hence 6.5fps), and share them with whoever is willing to take a peak.

    •The main sporting events will consist of hockey, baseball, soccer and gymnastics. I think for the most part, people are generally familiar with the later three, so for those unfamiliar with hockey, a typical rink is 200ft in length, 75-100ft in width. Lighting at the arena varies from rink to rink, but the typical set up is either hydrogen or sodium lamps…. think elementary gymnasiums. I want to zoom in close and was once told I would need a 70-300mm f/2.6, any truth to that?

    •I suppose if I’m spending the money, I would eventually end up doing some type of family portraits… the typical holiday deal, although I would never consider myself a great photographer more or less a hobbyist that wants great results.

    •That said, I would like to do some stuff of the kids at home, or just daily life.

    •I want a camera that is going to last for a few years – I'm a med student, and for now, cash isn’t really something I have to throw around.

    •I’m very comfortable with computers and editing. I have an older version of photoshop and have toyed around with Picasa.

    •Budget – I’ve never been afraid to spend a little money to get the right product. I’d like to stay around a $1000.00, but if I need to go 1200-1300 to get the right one, then Ill do it. Basically I don’t want to buy a camera, take some shots, then beat myself up for not getting the “next one up”

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated, and if I’ve left anything out please feel free to ask. I’m sort of spent from reading all day so I’m sure some of this doesn’t make sense. Anywho, thanks in advance.
  • 08-26-2008, 01:13 AM
    Canon 50D just announced
    The Canon 40D has just been replaced by the 50D. This means that the price of the 40D is going to drop even further but the 50D can go up to really high ISO (image quality remains to be seen).

    To do action photos indoors you really need a 70-200 f2.8 which is going to cost you more than $1000 by itself (a 70-300 f2.6 doesn't exist).