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  • 02-10-2009, 10:58 AM
    this is my 1st time to join your group. just wanna seek advice on hw to take moving pictures during night time, specially on sports. is it possible to do it without using a flash? im using a nikon D40 camera.:confused:
  • 02-10-2009, 12:14 PM
    Re: hello
    Welcome to the forums.

    At night time?
    You need some light for the photo.

    As long as there is enough light for your camera to measure the exposure, you can take a photo.
    But for success you need either a lot of light on your subject, even at night, from the lights on the playing field, or track. OR you need a really wide aperture lens f/2.0 or wider to work in low light - and turn up the ISO to the maximum.
    You have to put up with noise in the image when you turn up the ISO, so you may not like the results, it won't be as good as a similar scene shot in daylight.

    The other alternative, if you're allowed, is to use flash.

    Come on over to the sports forum and browse through the threads there, to see how people cope in dim light indoors with Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics ...