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    Comparison between Sony A350 / A700 / A200

    Sony is very conservative with sharpening these days, even the A700 people are doing this on, at least +1 on the sharpening.

    The A350 seems to have contrast backed down on its JPEGS as well, only reason I mentioned to try it at all.

    To each his own on IQ.

    RGB is more accurate and less saturated on these new cameras than Adobe RGB (it was/is on the A200), which is why I recommended it this time.

    If someone is going to print, I'd recommend that mode, of course. And in no way am I suggesting one set of settings that is perfect for this camera .

    Otherwise, based on older past experiences, I would have suggested the opposite.

    I don't see sharpening artifacts when the camera is set to +1 or +2 for jpeg sharpening, but maybe my loupe isn't big enough.

    Here are some great video reviews about Sony A350: http://www.**********.com/Digital_Ca...yDSLR-A350.php

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    Re: Comparison between Sony A350 / A700 / A200

    I don't own a A700 or 200, but I do have a 350. On my camera, I can set contrast and saturation wherever I choose, with the max settings being far too much. I have absolutely no qualms with the sharpness or IQ. This is the first camera I have had that almost all my images require absolutely no post processing. I also own a D2x, D300, 40D, and S5 Pro. My studio camera is aSony R-1.

    I have posted some comments on the Sony section of this forum.

    The A350 will be my most used camera methinks.

    Course, all to their own.

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