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    Cool Cannon D10 vs Rebel

    I am interested in moving up to DSLRs from DP&S cameras. I have taken thousands of pictures (some posted in galleries). I have narrowed my picks down to the Cannon D10 or the Rebel. Both appear to be great DSLRs, but I am confused about what the major differences are between the two (besides the price). Could someone clear this up for me?


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    The Shootout

    Keep in mind, you need to make your own decision - people claim to be unbiased, but this is rare. Decide what you need and how much you want to spend.

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    Aug 2004

    D10 vs rebel

    Thanks for the response, but I have pinned my decision down to either the Rebel or the D10. What I am really tying to find out is - does the Rebel have manual controls, such as shutter speed and aperture priority? If so, then I will go with the Rebel, (and won't need the more expensive D10) because I take all my pictures in manual mode, whether it be my 35mm SLRs or my point and shoot digitals.

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    Wait as the Canon 20D has just been announced for September release in the USA, would be a better choice over the 10D, which is a better choice over the Rebel.

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