Hello everyone, I am hoping to pick your brains concering prices and dealers that sell the Canon EOS 300D DSLR in the UK.
I have done quite a bit of research over the net and there seems to be quite a difference in price between dealers. The cheapest I have found is from a company called 7dayshop.com selling at 625GBP (all the prices include the 18-55mm lens) up to dealers selling at 750GBP.
How can you tell whether the deal is "too good to be true"? Is there possibilities that some of the cheaper dealers do not use the official lens? Has anyone else purchased from a "cheap" dealer? What was the service like?
Loads of questions!!! I naturally don't want to spend too much money (as I am on a budget) but at the same time do not want to buy from a dodgey dealer (Del Boy!). I've included a list of some of the dealers, their prices and web links.
7dayshop.com - 625GBP
ebuyer.com - 620GBP
dabs.com - 630GBP
amazon.co.uk - 640GBP
dixons - 640GBP

Any advice would be greatly appreciated