• 04-27-2004, 01:57 PM
    Another Question On the 10D, D70, E1
    I am currently using the Minolta DiMage 7hi, I really like the camera and it is working really good for me, althou I would like to purchase a DSLR. My choices are down to the Canon 10D, Nikon D70, or the Olympus E1. I know a few who use the Canon and Nikon systems and have heard very good things about both and the reviews are also very good, both would work for what I do which is art and portrait. I have been reading quite a bit about the E1 and that also sounds like a nice camera and I know no one who uses this camera and not very many user reviews since it's fairly new to the market (1st of the year). I have seen some color comparisons between the 10D & E1 and the E1 rates OK but really the only color that looked better were the blues.

    Long story short.....has anyone used the E1 or now someone who has? Since I have no lenses to go with any of these cameras, I'm pretty open. I believe Olympus will be coming out with another camera at the end of the year and same with Canon, so I'm also content to wait and see what's new.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • 04-27-2004, 05:12 PM
    We own the 10D and the D70. But also used the E-1 for over 3 months:


  • 04-27-2004, 10:48 PM
    I think for your kind of work D70 would be the best option, Price wise and Quality wise is an Excellent DSLR. With an 24-120 Nikkor will be an Ideal Lense on it. :D