Here is the official website of Yabo Yabo has now become the largest online integrated entertainment platform in the Chinese market, providing various services such as yabo sports events, e-sports, Olympic games, financial parameters, TV show quiz, traditional entertainment gameplay, and electronic games. Yabo is far ahead of other peers in the scope of sponsorship and services.

Yabo strives for excellence in the process of providing services to Chinese users in mainland China, Hong Kong, and North America, and constantly improves the quality of self-service. Yabo Yabo launched the web version of the official website of Yabo Yabo in 2017 and launched Yabo Yabo App in 2018 to serve mobile users. The technical team has overcome the difficulties and solved the access problems of Android users and IOS users. At the same time, Yabo seized the opportunity of Ant Financial’s shareholding and joined Microsoft and Alibaba Internet giants to create an industry precedent, using Alibaba Cloud to provide Hong Kong regional services and Microsoft Az to provide global line services and to achieve various network parameters and stability. The best level in the industry, it is the only overseas integrated service platform with a domestic Alibaba capital background. yabo cn Technology is now listed in Hong Kong and has standardized operations. The scale of Yabo’s existing event sponsorship has been expanded with competitors in the same industry A gap of orders of magnitude.