After showing off at China P&E in the middle of last month, Viltrox is set to ทางเข้าslotxo release AF lenses for Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless cameras in July 2021.

List of Viltrox AF mount Nikon Z lenses at China P&E
24mm f / 1.8 Z (full-frame)
35mm f / 1.8 Z (full-frame)
50mm f / 1.8 Z (full-frame)
23mm f / 1.4 Z (APS-C)
33mm f / 1.4 Z (APS-C)
56mm f / 1.4 Z (APS-C)
The Nikon Rumors website reports that the Viltrox AF 35mm f / 1.8 Z lens could be launched earlier. But no further details are yet available.

Viltrox currently sells two Nikon Z mount lenses, the AF 85mm f / 1.8 Z and the 20mm f / 1.8 Z Manual lenses.