• 07-16-2004, 10:48 AM
    Never Half Step
    Sony F828 OR Canon Dig Rebel
    I just had a new baby girl and I need a good digital camera. I originally wanted to buy a Sony Mavica, but I tried one and was not impressed with picture quality. Now I am debating to buy either the Sony F828 or the Canon Digital Rebel. I recently bought a sony computer and I have a $200 coupon to put towards my next Sony purchase. Thus far here are my pros and cons I have analyzed with regards to each camera:

    *$200 coupon I can use to lower price
    *Macro Zoom - I have a Sony camcorder that shoots 1 meg macro zooms and I have taken some awesome baby shots which my relatives love. I heard the F828 has the best Macro Zoom on the Market
    *Great Colors - with emerald filter
    *Sturdy body

    *Only one lens
    *More noise at ISOs over 200. I live in FL - the land of bright light
    *Purple fringing on higher resolutions

    *Ability to use different lenses
    *Less noise at higher ISOs
    *Better Overall Picture - I believe
    *Lighter in Weight

    *No $200 Coupon
    *Macro Zoom is very weak
    *Colors are less accurate - possibly oversaturated
    *Plastic Case

    I am driving my wife nuts with decision. She just keeps asking me "which camera takes better pictures - sharper, cleaner, color accurate". I am not completely sure. Can you guys help? Also, some people have recommended that I buy the Canon and then get a macro zoom lens. My questions on this are: Will a macro lens perform as good as the Sony? How much for a macro lens? and can someone post a link to one? I don't know where to find an entry level macro zoom.

    Bottom line - which camera should I buy????
  • 07-16-2004, 12:55 PM
    if you plan on doing just studio work,and not action shots,the sony has big time shutter lag.the rebel will click when you click the button,the rebel is more of a all around dslr.you have the big range of lenses,get a 28-70 and a 75-300 or something like that and your set.but if you want a fixed lense camera with limits on telephoto capabilities and soforth buy the sony.money wise its a no brainer.buy the canon,no question about it.
    i shoot the d70.its 999.00 for body or 1299.00 for kit. i bought kit from bestbuy.com and got great service .next day air was 19.00.
    good luck and let us know what you decide and well help set you up.post some pictures.
  • 07-16-2004, 12:59 PM
    macro lenses are a blast to work with,from flowers to close ups its a blast.yes the canon will take great macros,so will the sony.you have much much more flexability with the canon or nikon.you cant go wrong either way,they both take great photos.the sony has a carl zeiss lense,thats a badboy.the lenses can cost from 125 to 5000.00 for lenses.
  • 07-21-2008, 11:39 AM
    Re: Sony F828 OR Canon Dig Rebel
    You might want to go to one of the advisor web sites and take one for a spin. There are the big ones like http://www.dpreview.com and this one too that list cameras and all the features, etc., and even reviews posted by visitors. But even if the stuff is sorted by camera model, you still have to weed through a lot. I found http:www.MyProductAdvisor.com - great help figuring out what I wanted without me figuring it out on my own.