If you are looking for the best inventory software or free accounting software to fit your small businesses or SME, we have the right tool for you. With QNE Inventory user-friendly interface and functions, users are able to manage their inventory easily such as creating invoices, invoice management, stock balance management, goods management, goods category management, staff sales records management and staff permission management, backup and restore stock, and many more.

QNE offers the most comprehensive, simple, and user-friendly accounting software for Malaysian local businesses. The Accounting System Malaysia is the latest in technology with real-time proven software that comes with SQL Client/Server databases and the option to run it in Malaysia Number 1 Cloud accounting software Malaysia. You are also provided with analytic tools such as cash flow status, forecast, profit estimator, stock break-even point, a stock with no movement, and more to assist your business growth.

The right payroll system determines the level of efficiency a company has. To reduce the time and energy of your manpower, we offer an extremely user-friendly & intelligent accounting system interface that will assist your company payroll process. It is the most value-for-money product with real-time function & developed sincerely for the MALAYSIA payroll environment. It offers you over 75 management and statutory reports sufficiently cater for management, payroll, accounts as well as statutory requirements.