I like the PowerShot SX230HS, however, the GPS is useless for me, and I don't care about all those effects like "monochrome" or "super vivid"

I do like the fact I can quickly switch to video mode, so let's say I'm taking pictures of a bunch of animals, I click a quick button and automatically get a video of them.

I also like the large optical zoom in case I'm far away (often, that's the case).

I want something I can take hiking or around town, and the SLRs are just too big, so I'm leaning more toward the point and shoot.

Any kind of image adjustments or color alterations would be done via Photoshop, so if I need to adjust lighting, saturation, etc, I can handle that outside the camera via software.

What cameras should I be looking for? Or is there nothing better than the SX230 at that price (without the GPS and other features I won't use)?