I have read reviews, looked on line but Im still confused. Im thinking of replacing my Dimage S404, I want something that is better all around but Id prefer to spend $3-400 (maybe up to $500). The dimage doesnt take the greatest pics, the color isnt that great and low light freaks it out. I was kind of liking the Canon A95, Canon S2 or Panasonic FZ5. Some features Id like to have:

Compact Flash memory
uses AA batteries
Optical Zoom, 5x or better
4-5 MP
manual and auto matic modes
scene modes
manual and automatic focus
good Macro and general pictures
movie mode (with sound?)
Image stabilization

My main uses for a camera currently are general photography, outdoor pics of the new house we are building, indoor and outdoor pictures of car shows, etc, macro photography of tropical fish tanks (fast motion, bright back light). What would you choose and why?